Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Like Walking Through The Brick Wall

Breaking Free of your habits. Art by Deborah MOON Moen
Breaking Free Greeting Card

My personal story by Deborah Moon Moen

 There came a time in my 40's that I came to learn how to stand on my own two feet. Suddenly I realized that no one was going to do it for me. 
I knew I was responsible for everything that I was experiencing.
I came to realize the only person that I could change was myself.
No more did I depend on others to make me happy or secure. 

I learned new ways of living and each new response to life was difficult because the old ways had become a habit.
Every time I changed an old pattern of belief or thought, it was like I was having to walk through a brick wall.
Waking up in the morning and getting through my day seemed as hopeless as walking through a brick wall.
But these were only my fearful perceptions.
In time, with practice, I was running free with so much of life before me.

Suddenly, I could not see that brick wall which I had painted in my mind. I saw only endless possibilities. I could see that for every response I made, life responded back to me, in magical ways. 

When my actions and responses supported my well-being,
it was well-being that reflected back to me.
That was the evidence that gave me faith and shifted me into my inherit power to create my own experiences. 

I was empowered beyond my wildest or conscious imaginings and I knew
that I would never go back behind that brick wall again.

Note: Note the red, gold balck and silver hair strands. This stands for different ideas. I was inspired by reading La Loba by Clarissa Pinkola Estes from Women Who Run with The Wolves. 

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Until next time,
Wheee ! Break Free !

Love Deborah MOON Moen
Wellness Mentor, Nature Lover, Deliberate Co-Creator, Chronicles Writer and Artist
Breaking Free Greeting Card has a powerful message written inside. 

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