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The Promise of Sedona- Chapter 2 Get Into The Vortex

For Chapter 1 please click this  The Promise of Sedona Chapter 1

I have found the Vortex . It is a place :

  • where time dissolves 
  • endless mind chatter quiets
  •  feeling uplifted and joyful as well as calm and peace
  •  It is a place which sparks creativity, discovery and feeling at one with nature and people. 
  • intuitive clarity and epiphanies may be occuring

The Vortex is unconditional love. The Vortex is within you. If you visit Sedona and you feel any of these wonderful responses to your experiences there then, my friend,  you have been in the Vortex.

                                                   Another Memory of  Sedona
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Note:  I wrote about my mysterious and enjoyable experience in Sedona in Chaper 1

 I discovered a lot of information from listening to an audio tape I had recorded in 1995 when I made another trip to Sedona with my daughter.   Though I was not conscious of it then, the experience echoed Sedona's promise to plant seeds, that flourish and grow, in just the right conditions. Here is that story.

 I decided to rummage through the shed to retrieve the audio tape cassettes that I had recorded on my trip to Sedona with my daughter, 16 years ago. I had done a lot of reading, study, and research on Sedona, Vortexes,  geology and all the hundreds of ideas and perceptions about Sedona's spiritual power spots. I gathered the facts and placed them on file to simmer.

The next day, the weather had settled down. The sun was out. The gale force winds were down to a gentle breeze, the clouds white and full. It was a beautiful spring day. I put on my Walkman and earphones, gathered up a bucket filled with essential weed plucking tools, and went off to my elderly neighbors lawn to pick weeds. I knelt down on my knee pad, clicked on my Walkman and began listening to the sounds of my daughter's sweet voice and I, laughing and giggling n Sedona. The sound of my daughter's voice on the tape was so delightful as I had not heard her voice for many years. She is now, I suppose, looking for her own Vortex.

Note: Since writing this so much has happened and my daughter and now I communicated  over the phone and it is always a delight for me. 

 Church of The Holy Cross in Sedona

A year later Rebecca, my daughter and I took off for Sedona. I took a plane from California to Arizona and rented a nice red suv for our trip. We had a ball !  

It was a straight shot to Sedona from Phoenix. From I-17 we took Hwy 179. the scenery quickly turned from city buildings to wide open country We had just drove into Sedona and decided to visit the Holy Cross Church.  I was instantly transported to a place and time just by hearing the the beautiful Gregorian Chants inside the church again.  

Please listen to the Gregorian Chants in the video below. while yu read about the Holy Cross church

These are the Gregorian Chants I was hearing In The Holy Cross Church.

Church of The Holy Cross as you enter Sedona from Verde Valley

 Right there on the front lawn, I was moved to sit upright on my knees and place my palms together in front of my heart.  The chants brought visions of the candle I lit at the alter for my Mother. I remember the glow of flickering candles as I placed mine down. The glow of the flames in the unlit room and the chants were beautiful just like my Mother. It felt very comforting to acknowledge her in a sacred way. I became conscious of a feeling of appreciation for the time spent with my daughter and appreciation for my mother. I felt my heart and my mind expanding.

 Still weeding my neighbors lawn and listening to the Sedona tape... I heard, on the tape, a car door slam and gravel crunching under footsteps. We were walking
 into the ranger station where I heard myself asking for a map of the Vortex locations.  I couldn't help but wonder about how I came to know about these energy centers.
Medicine Wheel  Boynton Canyon
I thought back to my first time in Sedona. I pictured the circle of entwining hands with the Sierra Club members around the beautiful large Medicine Wheel made of rocks stuffed with notes in Boynton Canyon. I remembered it was someone in our group mentioned Vortexes. The mystery of it stuck with me. I was attracted body, mind and spirit to the presence of these circles of stacked rocks and the messages they held.

 I heard myself ask the ranger, "How do we distinguish the Vortex?" The ranger pointed at the 4 well known sites on a map. One was Boynton Canyon.  Another was Cathedral Rock. There were other sites at Bell Rock and Airport Road. I pointed to the map near the trail head of Boynton Canyon and asked "How far up is the Vortex?" The Ranger answered "It's all around." Huh? I thought to myself, what does she mean ? Then she added "Wherever it is good for you". I took the map and thanked her.  I was even more confused..

So Where Is This Vortex?

 I had the map and was told the 4 locations but I had no idea where to find the exact Vortex location and what to do when I got there. How did they arrive at these 4 locations anyway?

"In the late 70's a psychic by the name of Page Bryant channeled a being named Albion who told Page there were seven energy centers here in Sedona. She wrote a book on four of those places - Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa". http://www.innerjourneys.us/sedona_information/sedona_vortex_information.php

There are pictures of twisted junipers in Sedona that are said to be formed by the swirling subtle energy of the Vortex areas.
 I just found this  picture of a twisted juniper on the rim of the Grand Canyon so I gather this is not exclusive to Sedona. This gives me thought of finding more Vortex areas.

Geomagnetic Forces
Note: While researching these Vortex areas in Sedona, I found there is a rich magnetic force that extends way beyond Sedona to Scottsdale. I always thought the magnetic fields of Sedona was exclusive to Sedona alone. Below the chart shows the rich magnetic force in and around Sedona and beyond the boundaries of Sedona. 

Further evidence that Sedona and the surrounding area ranks high in magnetic anomalies can be seen in this chart which is a product of the USGS North American Magnetic Anomaly website. Geomagnetic intensity is indicated by the vertical bar graph. Sedona is off the scale being whitish pink in coloration. I have measured magnetic activity in excess of 650nT in Sedona. 

Even back in 1995 on my Sedona Camping excursion, I had an idea about magnetic forces in Sedona. I had read that Sedona and France had high magnetic force fields.  If you would like to read more, the above map comes from http://sedonanomalies.com/  you will find a vast amount of information that relates to natural Geomagnetism and how it effects Human brainwave activity in certain places like Sedona, Arizona on this site.

Medicine Wheels
 On the audio tape of Sedona I referred to the Vortexes as energy centers. I associated these energy centers with medicine wheels.
  I listened to Rebecca and I arriving at the spot where the great medicine wheel was displayed 16 years ago with the Sierra Club. My eyes scanned the empty space. I felt curious as to why this great circle of stones had been disassembled and removed. Although there may be many reasons, perhaps the article below from http://www.travelandletsure.com/  explains one of the reasons why the medicine wheels were dismantled just in case you go looking for them after reading this.

NOTE: from travel and leisure.com in an article titled Seduction by Sedona

"The U.S. Forest Service, however, is doing its best to make sure you never see a medicine wheel. To the people who maintain the wilderness areas, medicine wheels and other New Age cairns are vandalism, plain and simple. The fragile ecosystem isn't exactly enhanced by all the offerings left behind in medicine wheels -- feathers, beads, fetishes, crystals, medicine bags of herbs, even ashes and money.

Red Rock Country
From September 1999 By Libby Morse

Medicine wheels aren't just environmentally incorrect; they are anthropologically off-base as well. While much of Red Rock country is considered sacred by the Yavapai-Apache and Hopi, there's no evidence that any of the tribes who have inhabited the area ever used the wheels to express their spirituality -- it's a practice associated with the Great Plains Indians.

Luckily, the Forest Service may be seeing results. In 1997, 193 medicine wheels were discovered and disassembled; in 1998, the number was just 73."

 What Is A Vortex ?

 There are physical vortexes that we can see and feel and touch immediately. They come in the form of swirling winds like a tornado, swirling forces of water like hurricanes or water swirling down a the bath tub drain pipe when you pull the plug. There are swirling subtle energies that are magnetic, electromagnetic vortexes (like the ones in Sedona). these subtle energies are invisible and imperceptible to the conventional or busy mind. These kinds of subtle energies can plant subconscious seeds that grow into epiphanies and discoveries later on.  

The Promise of Sedona Is Clear

Like a tiny acorn has the blue print to grow into an oak tree, Sedona promises to nurture the seeds of extraordinary knowledge that are already planted within every cell of your being. Dazzling epiphanies and discoveries may sprout when they find the right conditions to manifest.  Sedona expands our heart and spirit with her beauty. She is food for the soul. It is said Sedona is the heart chakra of the planet. She has many places to enjoy and wander about in. Enhance your trip to Sedona's Vortexes through practicing meditation to relax and calm the mind, practice kindness, happiness and joy, deliberately announce your appreciation out loud, get in touch with compassion, practice self-love and honor your own path. Most of all let go and have fun. Enjoy. There are endless possibilities for your experience in Sedona.

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