The Promise of Sedona - You Deserve the Best Chapter 1

Me sitting high above Boynton Canyon
 in a cliff dwelling. 1993
Sedona's beauty and lore draws many kinds of people to her. Thinking back on my encounters with Sedona, I recall hiking, exploration, camping, shopping and even dined on Rattlesnake Brochette at the Cowboy Club which also serves Buffalo Brochette and Fried Cactus. The most intriguing thing I found in Sedona was the promise of mystery.

The Sierra Club, Solo

The mystique of Sedona came into my awareness during my first visit to in 1993. At that time, my man friend was a geologist, and when we parted, I felt I would never have anyone to hike with again. But an opportunity to go to Sedona with the Sierra Club magically appeared and I signed up for the trip all by myself. I was rather nervous about not knowing anyone. I drove on the freeway to the bus bound for Sedona in Long Beach with sweaty palms and a shortness of breath. Once I got on the bus, I found my experience to be one of the most fun experiences in my life. Everyone was so nice and it was wonderful to be with like minds.

A Medicine Wheel in Boynton Canyon, Sedona  1993

Me by a Medicine Wheel Sedona 1993
We hiked and explored the Boynton Trail where we came upon a circle of rocks cairns upon each with notes weighted between the rocks. We guessed the notes were prayers or prayer requests. I was drawn to the mysterious circle and had my picture taken there.

On the way back from our hike we came across a sandy enclosure bordered by trees. someone in the group mentioned it to be a Vortex. I had no idea what that was but I knew it was a spiritual or sacred energy of some sort or a place where sacred things could occur. It occurred to me we could all stand in a circle, clasp hands and have a moment of silence. I spoke out loud to the group and asked them if they would like to clasp hands. They all agreed it would be a nice gesture. So we did and it was lovely. The next day we hiked the beautiful Sterling Pass Trail and continued to the Vultee Arch.

Louis Hay and Sedona

In 1995, Louis Hay was speaking in Phoenix, Arizona.  I asked a girlfriend to join me. We also included a trip to Sedona because Sally (not her real name) was seeking a woo woo sacred experience like the experiences she has had in the past. I agreed to count Sedona in and the trip was on. Louis Hay was wonderful. There were many speakers there and one spoke about Feng Shui. Which was a synchronicity for me as I was just beginning to learn Feng Shui.

 On the way to Sedona we stopped at an art show just outside the city limits. We had just gotten out of the car and passed a few booths when we were met by a very friendly man dressed in western clothes. He introduced himself as Carlos Haydaway, the Western Artist Carlos Hadaway (The Arizona Kid) of Fountain Hills, Arizona. I had never heard of him but he took my arm and lead me to his booth. He proceeded to tell me about his life, looking into only my eyes. It was a beautiful story about how he lost his use of his eyes and regained his eyesight. He told me of his new wife and how they loved each other.

By this time my friend was fuming because he did not included her in this conversation This conversation was a sacred one. The kind of sacred she was seeking. I felt I was receiving an important message and it was coming around the bend. He looks into my eyes and told me "You be picky !" He was referring to any future love interests. "You deserve the best" he continued but then repeated 'You be picky!" This was a very important message and affirmation for me. I am sure it would be common sense to most but for me it was a great affirmation and acknowledgement of my self worth. Before I left , we had been there for an hour or so, he told me to pick out any of his art prints for myself to remind me that I deserve the best.

My friend stood beside me with her mouth open, hands on her hips. I was convinced this man was indeed an angel and that our meeting was meant to be. I chose a painting of an old miner leading his mule through a dust storm. The mule packed all kinds of pans, picks and other provisions. To this day the picture reminds me that I have everything I need to handle any situation.

Carlos gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek and sent me on my way. I was quiet as my friend slammed the door of the car. She was furious with what had happened. She was not in the least, glad for the mystery of Carlos Haydaway and his sacred message to me. I endured the camping trip with Sally and realized I might want to attract better companions. After all, I now knew I deserve the best.

You can see Carlos Haydaway's art here  and his biography here

Sedona With My Daughter

The Chandler Country Station 108 was blaring over the radio as my 24 year old daughter and I left from Phoenix for a 4 day stay in Sedona. Along the 17 Highway we spotted hot air balloons drifting over the land before us. We laughed and sang and enjoyed the scenery of Verde Valley. We marvelled at Montezuma's Castle and the rich red rocks as we entered into Sedona. we stopped at the Holy Cross Church where we lit candles for my mother then we set off to find our room. We planned a hike to Boynton Canyon. I was excited to show Rebecca, the sacred circles of rocks, medicine wheels, and the lovely spots I explored with the Sierra Club. Rebecca sank onto a rock to rest looking bored and tired. We decided to go to Red Rock Crossing under the majestic Cathedral Rock. We strolled along the river and as we got further and further up the river Rebecca began skipping in the water and playing happily with rocks and sticks. This was a complete transformation from the lethargic lump I saw just minutes before. I still have the sight of her smiling and laughing in my heart.

I will stop here and reflect on these experiences. I truly feel I was blessed in each Sedona adventure. they happened at a time I was just beginning to find myself. I was new to meditation and quieting my mind. But years later, in this recent reflection of my visits to Sedona, I see that she has blessed me and continues to bless me.  I am now living in Utah on the Colorado Plateau. Sedona has planted her seeds in me.  After writing this post I have realized it is still flowering because it has renewed my spirit and given me a different perspective.

My Story of Sedona continues...

The Promise of Sedona Part 2 - Get Into The Vortex is posted click here
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Love Deborah Moon Moen

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Anonymous said…
June 6, 2011
Dear Deborah, I wanted to tell you that I found your posts about your Sedona experiences quite interesting. I myself shared a similar experience with my Mother some 16yrs ago. This has nothing to do with the finding meaning of the Vortex, but a beautiful conection between a Mother and Daughter. I can see it and I most definately can feel it if I close my eyes, as if it has a certain texture, just as if it were yesterday. I am speaking of the time when she let me be me, let me leap, let me trip, watch me leap again, warned me I might trip, let me trip once more, but then listened to me and helped me the best she could when I came to her and asked her, how do you how leap without triping?

Its growth stunnted by {for lack of a better word} a "parasidic tarp" This was a begining of a new branch of our relationship as it was not permitted to florish or be nurtured at an earlier stage of our life. However I am gratefull for it whenever it took place.

I took great comfort in the relationship we shared. I feel like I was one of those kids that did not make her Mother sit up and worry about her at night. *You know, a good kid.* I believe my Mother knew that I would never take anything to the extreme
or get out of hand. Although it was probably out of fear that I did not do crazy things (just as well)I felt content knowing that she knew I was not a Bad Seed. I long to be there again, (conected) not that I ever left...because I have not, but I think we(My Mother and I)just did not go at the same time! I miss her. I miss us!

A grown woman who still needs her Mommy.
Deborah said…
Dear Patience, I thank you and acknowledge your heartfelt description of your connection to your mom. It was so beautifully expressed.

I have, since writing this post, received word from my beautiful daughter telling me that she was seeing nature all around her and that when she sees nature she think of me. This lovely invitation to connect once more with my daughter, is such a blessing in so many ways. I am so delighted I was able to allow her to experience Sedona in her own way and that watching her leap and jump and shrill with laughter filled my heart with joy and the power of love.

Thank you for sharing this story,

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