Fear Not the Storm

This looks like me in the snow storm this morning. 


 The howling winds and snow pinged and tugged on my rain jacket. I was out feeding our llamas. When I see the storms from inside my warm protectect home, I feel a sort of dread before I go out. Once I have the snow pants on and my coat and gloves I feel better and when I step outdoors, I find it is not so bad as I first thought. I also become aware of my posture, my facial expression and how I move through the task or situation. am I trudging through the snow with my head hung low, am I frowning and I thinking thoughts of victimhood or drudgery? These can have a great effect on the outcome of your experience. 

Storms of life lurk everywhere in our earth experience. As I face these storms of life, I am reminded of how important it is that I respond with a sense of adventure and not fear. Not to whine about what I dislike or grieve over what could have been but enjoy what is here before me. 

After I fed the llamas and cleaned their corral, I unraveling the tarps and tie downs on the hay. I just couldn't see inside the hay stack to attach the tie downs so I knelt down in the wet slush. I still could not see for my hood was flapping over my face and my long hair was whipping over my eyes. 

 I groped for my coat zipper with my wet glove and  pulled down on the zipper tab of my coat. My head and face was instantly free to blow in the storm winds. Exhilarated I laughed…After securing the tie down on the hay, I turned my gaze skyward which  naturally formed a squint and a smile. It was then I saw the dark clouds part to reveal a pale blue winter sky. What a great feeling I got. A feeling of empowerment and strength. 

Can you see the metaphor in that?

I felt so thankful to be alive on this earth. To be on this earth at this time and know how to navigate through these challenges is a great blessing. There is a blessing calling us to our Center in every moment of every day. 

  • be mindful, kind and loving
  •  adventurous
  •  aware 
  • responsible for your vibration ( emotions, thoughts, and attitude) 

Fear not the storm and live life with an attitude that can help you weather the challenges life may bring us. Look for the beauty, the love and all there is to appreciate in each moment. Take care of yourself when you need to. You will see the metaphors for a good life forming right before your eyes. You can apply this to all situations and relationships. 

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Until next time
BE WELL* Walk Your True Path
With Love Deborah Moon Moen

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