Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How To Make a Human Rainbow

Love Rainbow Red, orange, yellow, green
blue, purple, violet sparkles
Here is how to open the flood gates of Love that exists at all times, all situations and things. Whether you are attuned to Reiki or not you will benefit from this exercise. 

Benefits are endless but here are a few:

  • Reconciliation with family
  • Re-connection with old friends
  • Increase in financial abundance
  • More opportunities open
  • Epiphanies and synchronity
  • Feeling and looking younger
  • Feeling stronger more energized. 
  • Love eternally flowing through your words, thoughts, eyes and ears. 
  • Wellness and well-being
  • Boost immune function
  • Balance your emotional centers/chakras


The reason we do not feel this Love is because we are either stressed out, resentful, busy in our head or pissed off at someone or something or afraid of what the future may bring. All of this blocks the Love that is forever flowing and growing in and around ALL OF US.

How To Reconnect to Love

Miracle , epiphanies and those ah ha moments are happening everyday. I have discovered with all my body, mind, and emotions that LOVE is indeed flowing at all times through me and around me and YOU too. Love is available always and eternally for us to utilize, benefit from, and enjoy. Universal Love, God's Love, flows through all situations and all things. It is a Universal Truth. This practice has changed the way I perceive life. 
Follow this simple meditation with light gentle touch.  Savor each part. Release all your worries and allow the depth of this love within you to emerge. By placing the hands lightly you will awaken nerves, tissue, muscle and increase blood flow. you will connect mind and body. In time you will feel deep layers of sensation and relaxation. It will balance your energy centers, give you intuitive clarity and boost your immune function.

During this practice your mind may drift to visions and memories and ideas. Once you are aware you drifted off just return back to your practice. Keep practicing daily. In time you will feel the benefits.

Make a Human Rainbow 

I practice my Reiki before I hop out of bed every morning. I prepare by connecting to the highest realm of Love and Light by gently touching the crown or top of my head until I sense that heavenly place that I think of or sense God, heaven and angels. (See the heart above the head in my painting to the right). Stay there and feel the sensation of this higher realm. It is uplifting.

I lightly touch my forehead or third eye and silently ask to see the Love that exists in all things. Keep sensing this area.

I place my hands over my ears and ask to hear the Love that is forever flowing to me and within me at all times. Think about what love sounds like. Perhaps the wind, the birds, affirmations, acknowledgment etc. Sense the feeling of the connection, the heat, or heartbeat within your ears. 

I cup my hands over my eyes blocking out any light ( not touching my eyes but the bones around my eyes and forehead.)  and ask to see with clarity the seen and unseen, to see the words on the page with clarity and crispness, to see the birds flying in the clouds to see auras and energy. Feel the heat generated by my cupped hands over my eyes. I open my eyes under my cupped hands and ask for my eye lenses to relax. I see black when my eyes are completely relaxed. 

I cup my hands gently over my throat and ask to communicate with this ever flowing river of Love to speak, write and sing with Love and kindness. I support my arms and relax my shoulders to ease these positions. 

I place my hands over my heart and ask to believe in the Love that lives and pulsates at all times. Because I have experienced this eternal love I say, I do.

If you feel any stress in these areas ask your guides or angels to help release them. 

I place my hands over my solar plexus and ask to stomach, or to feel worthy and receive with grace, the Love which is flowing at all times to me and within me. Really feel the sensations in the solar plexus. Ask Archangel Michael to sever the emotional cords with anyone that keeps you from forgiveness or enjoying your life and well-being. 

I place my hands on my lower belly and ask to create with the Love that is forever flowing through me.

I place my hands on the groin area and thigh and ask that I utilize all of Earth, all this physical plane with confidence, feeling supported, feeling  joy and appreciation and a spirit of playfulness.

I connect to the heart in the center of the earth which beats to the rhythm of my own heart. I create a glowing rainbow by bringing the warm red energy of this earth heart up through my feet, into my legs feeling grounded and supported.

I draw the energy up into my hips and navel until it burst brightly with orange. Say silently, I create with LOVE. I see the red and orange glowing together.

I let this energy rise into my solar plexus and it glows brilliant yellow. I say silently, I am worthy of this LOVE and I receive graciously. I see the red, orange and yellow glowing brightly from my body.

I draw this love into my heart. I say I believe in the Eternal flow of love and visualize my heart center glowing bright emerald green. I add this green to the rainbow I am creating. 

The energy flows up into my throat and emanates a crystal blue light. I imagine my communication  to be within the realm of this Loving energy.

I feel the energy of this LOVE flow up into my third eye (forehead) and the energy radiates a divine purple. I see all the Love that flows eternally through all situations and things.I visualize all the colors of the rainbow radiating from my body and mind.

The flow of LOVE brilliantly rises up through my crown radiating violet and divine light and sparkles. I am connected to the Realm of Love and Light.

I am now a radiant rainbow of balanced energy, Love and Light.

I finish this practice with a long stretch reaching out through my fingers and toes. This opens my radiant circuits. 

It took me 4 weeks of daily Reiki practice to learn this and be able to visualize the rainbow of energy beaming outward from these areas. This rainbow of balanced energy attracts beautiful experiences to me and it will for you too.

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Practice daily, you will reap the benefits and so will the world.

I have made a special card with my painting which includes this meditation inside.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Make A Human Circle of Peace

Today it is the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2016. 

This is a great way to create and celebrate peace.

Where two or more are gathered....

All you need is two people and you can add more people if you have them.

For Two People:

  1. Face each other 
  2. Hold hands out in front of you with palms up to begin.
  3. Leave left palm up and turn right palm down. 
  4. Connect together by placing your right hand over (hovering, not touching) the left palm of the other person so that palms are aligned.
  5. Relax and take some cleansing breaths
  6.  Take time to be silent and feel any sensations
For a Group

  1. Form a circle with arms out to the side, to make a space between each person. You can adjust this space for comfort. See photo below to get an idea. 
  2. Everyone turn left palm up. Be sure to relax shoulders and bend at the elbow for more comfort.
  3. Place right hand over ( hovering over, not touching) the left palm of the person on your left so that your palms are aligned.
  4. Relax and take some cleansing breaths
  5. Take time, in silence, be aware of any sensations 


Human Circle of Peace left hand up, right hand down. hands do not touch, palms are aligned. feel the sensation surging from left to right. 

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Until next time:
May peace Be with YOU !
Deborah Moon Moen

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Belief That Kept Me Silent

St Jude's Episcopal Church
When I was 10 my parents told me I was not "a singer" but that my sister had the singing talent in the family. I was a dancer, choreographer, writer of poems, and had already skipped a grade in school so my parents thought nothing of the impact this had on me. They were trying to give my sister some confidence and motivation.
Sadly I believed them and from that moment on I was very self-conscious of my voice. I loved singing but only sang alone or only to animals. 

Lets fast forward 56 years...

Father Lee stood at the head of the church and announced that people could volunteer for the choir at the Elizabethan Tea on August 13. He specifically said we didn't have to sing well. A few weeks went by and the thought of singing and participating was intriguing to me and my heart was encouraging me to go for it. I did join the choir. I didn't know what soprano was or how to read the measures or the crescendo symbols but I am learning. I was told I was a soprano and sang the melody. While singing I heard my voice crack. I looked up a site on the Internet that helps you develop your voice with exercises. I began to practice and in a very short time my voice improved. I continue to practice and learn. 

Last Sunday in church the lead member of the choir grabbed my hand and told me " I was so proud of you at practice last Thursday." Like an angel she continued to hold my hand and look into my eyes.  My mind and body felt this surge of healing energy and my heart opened. At that moment I realized I could sing all along and that it was my perception and belief that kept me silent for so long. 

Today I am taking my CD player with the 2 hymns we are singing outside by the llamas and I will practice getting those few high notes and iron out the cracks while I sing the hymns. I love singing to my animals and I will also love singing at the Elizabethan Tea August 13! What a miracle.  

There are many videos on You Tube that will train your voice to sing better. Here are 2 that I use.
 How to sing better immediately

How to keep your voice from cracking

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Be well and
Believe in your dreams!
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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Mars in retrograde begins April 17. 3 things you should know.


MARS IN RETROGRADE: REMEMBER YOU got the POWER. BE CONSCIOUS. This is a great opportunity to create a practice of minding your vibration, energy level, patience and emotions.
1. When Mars is in retrograde ( beginning this weekend) pay close attention to how we react to all relationships and situations.  Remember to breathe and think over a situation before reacting. Take a chill pill, a nap, a walk, a good night's sleep to think it over before responding.
Instead of taking on new things take this time to dive deeper into your old routine and clean it up along the way.
2, MIND YOUR MATTERS. PREPAVE YOUR DAY AND ACTIVITIES. That means to visualize all situations in a positive advantageous light before you experience them.
3. Do not pay attention to the negative information out there about retrogrades. Check your EMOTIONS. You have the power to transform your behavior.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Epiphaney: Everlasting Life

It was April 20, 2002.  We were hiking in the hills in Fullerton, California, when I intuitively stopped to look at a fennel plant........

Here is my account of the experience.

Fennel plant-Everlasting Life


While hiking, I stopped here… and sensed this plant was communicating with me by emitting a smoke-like purple haze which shimmered around the fennel plants and connected to my eyes, mind, and heart. I could clearly interpret this energy which connected all of life in a continuous loop. I noticed the fresh green growth rising from the earth and the old boney branches seemingly dead, and the seeds which formed at the top for renewal and life everlasting.

I stood there in awe and received confirmation as I stood on this path. If you look with soft eyes you will sense the life and love and power within this photograph. ~ Deborah Moon Moen
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Deborah Moon Moen
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Friday, April 1, 2016

3 Goodies To Open Now

Great article and innovative ideas on how to shift your worry by James Clear. Click on this link to read this article ( no time limit)   

FREE Hurry Limited time only to view this movie Abundance Factor for Free. It was 1 hour and 45 minutes. I didn't buy the programs that came with it but I did take some really good notes. Click on this Link Now to sign up and view The Abundance Factor (time sensitive)

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Marianne Williamson-Choosing a US Presidential Candidate With Love

We have the power to join with love and let go of participating in the toxic wars presented to us on the media and Internet.
Within each and everyone of us lies the innocent child of God.
Do we turn our backs and not participate in our country's leadership or government?
Do we keep our voices silent?

In this 2 hour program given by Marianne Williamson will open your heart and give tools on opening our hearts to love which is the highest power. Very good inspirational and informative video. It had a healing effect on me and gave me guidance on how I can respond in a way that nurtures us all.

Tune in right here

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Friday, March 11, 2016

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