Saturday, March 10, 2018

Seeing Number 1's Everywhere?

Seeing 1's everywhere? Here is why.

 Here are 3 reasons why you are seeing 1's.

1. In numerology this means the universe has opened a gateway for you. 

2.  1, 11, 111, and 1111 in Angel Numbers all mean: "Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears." 

3. When number 1's show up in a sequence, it may jog your curiosity and interest. The part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) actually senses this number you find intriguing and signals you to turn and see it when it appears near you. This seeking system within your brain also exists in animals for hunting. 

FYI: whatever you give most of your focus to your RAS will hunt down for you. This could be for good and not so good. Choose your focus wisely.

You are the creator of your experience so you can attach your own meaning to these 1's, for example, intend them to be a sign that the angels are with you. You will be delighted how these 1's showing up can help you feel loved, watched over, connected, and it can encourage right thinking. 

I have had such meaningful experiences with the 1's showing up just at the right time to assure me and guide me. I love sharing this with you and hope you have fun with this. 


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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Brain Balancing Exercises For Autism, ADD, ADHD,

Photo from
# 1433669 by Tomas M

This morning I found a video playlist on youtube,com about brain balancing exercises for children labeled with learning disabilities. I have two members of my family who can benefit from this information. Our schools and parents could benefit from this information. People who learn these methods can step forward and help others with this information.

The playlist I have below has exercises that retrain the brain to connect right and left hemispheres. Many benefits can come from doing these like being able to feel calm, longer attention span, better communication skills, better reading and comprehension, spelling and writing ability as well as improved immune function, co-ordination, well-being and more.

 Exercising the brain takes repetition to train and rewire how the brain works but these are fun and the time spent with your kids is so worth it. 3 times a week so the brain can rest.
Here is a playlist link of brain balancing Exercises.

Below is a video link of the playlist of these exercises.

Related info:

About the videos she writes: How to inhibit primitive reflexes for Autism, Asperger's, ADD, Auditory Processing & Sensory Processing Disorder

How my son recovered from Autism, leaky gut, motor delays, sensory processing integration disorder, echoalia, metabolic imbalance, malabsorption, metal mercury toxicity, auditory processing disorder, expressive language disorder, Lyme Disease, ADD, ADHD, mitochondrial disorder, neurotoxicity, Candida/yeast. We're still working on the metals, Lyme, parasites and ADD.

Here is the link again to the video playist

 Note: Donna Eden also has many exercises that assist the brain and body in learning, immune function and more. See my post

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Book on Amazon

Disconnected Kids: The Groundbreaking Brain Balance Program for Children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Other Neurological Disorders
  The proven, drug-free program to treat the cause-not just the symptoms-of autism spectrum disorders and related conditions.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

3 Meditations to Feel Calm, Relaxed, and Peaceful

I have a really powerful free resource for you today, which I highly recommend you not only access immediately, but also download so that you can use it anytime you need it.

It's actually not just one resource... but three!  The resources are all Tapping Meditations.  If you've never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it's a powerful process that combines traditional meditation with Tapping, a technique which has been scientifically proven to send calming signals to the amygdala in the brain.

Jessica Ortner 3 Tapping Meditations

   In these meditations you'll get to follow along as New York Times best-selling author Jessica Ortner guides you through three calming and empowering processes.
You can listen and download just one or all three!  The Tapping Meditations that you can access immediately are:
1 - Releasing Stress and Overwhelm
(Something that we can all use on a daily basis!)
2 - Moving from Anger to Peace
(An often misunderstood emotion that so many deal with!)
3 - Releasing Anxiety and Worry
(Anxiety is a much bigger challenge than people realize!)

Just go here to access them now:

What's incredible about Tapping Meditations is that they not only help you to feel calm and balanced, they also help you to release deep core issues that you may be dealing with.

Enjoy these meditations.  I know they can be a great resource for you.  :)

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P.S. - These meditations, along with two other videos, are being released as part of the lead up to an amazing event known as the Tapping World Summit.

This year's summit, which is the 10th annual event and starts on February 26th, takes you through 10 days of free presentations (2 per day) where you get to learn from the world's leading Tapping experts on a variety of topics.  Over 2 million people have attended this event over the past 9 years!  I can't recommend this event enough, as it is 100% content and very life-changing.

But, until the event starts, make sure to access the meditations by going here:

Saturday, February 10, 2018

How To Overcome Fear, Stress and More

2018 Tapping World Summit
Register to watch videos click on the link

Tapping, have you heard of it?

It’s a technique that literally rewires the brain by sending calming signals to the amygdala of the brain (the fight or flight mechanism of the brain), releasing your deepest fears, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and much more so that you can create a life you truly love.

 I began practicing tapping 12 years ago. Every year I sign up for the Tapping World Summit, which is free, and I learn so much from listening to the experts on major issues and how to use tapping to release them. It helped me so much that I became an affiliate and share this with you every year.

You can begin to use this technique for free. Listen, watch, and actually do tapping with an expert for free. You can also take notes. You can buy the whole program  if you want to have it for personal or professional use.

This tapping technique is life-changing.  If you’re not using Tapping in your life, you’re missing out. Make sure to check it out here: 

Enjoy the video! 


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Until next time, I will share this with you:

While walking in a forest I fell over a fallen log. One of the branches snagged on my jeans and I went face first into the ground on top of rocks and pine cones. The fall knocked the wind out of me and I was dizzy and disoriented. I couldn't seem to regain my composure. Then it occurred to me to use tapping. Right where I was sprawled on the ground, I began tapping on all the points feeling the trauma to my body and expressing my fear and pain. Within minutes, I felt a shift in my condition and was able to stand up. I tapped more until the pain subsided and my emotions shifted into hope. I was able to finish the hike and make it back to the truck. At home I noticed that the injured parts of my body were not bruising and any cuts and scratches were healing. My body, mind and spirit were in balance. Tapping is something you will carry with you for life. All you need to do is remember to use it. 

I encourage you to learn about tapping if you are serious about helping yourself overcome those challenges in life that can really bring you down. 

Use one of the links and sign up to receive some very enlightening videos and an invitation later on to join us during the Free Tapping World Summit.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Negative Emotions and Thinking FREE Solutions

Click on this link to see the video

I have a video to share with you today that I think will change your life, and I don't say that lightly.
But before you watch it, let me first say this...
A lot of people really beat themselves up over "negative thinking," and you may be one of them.
And they often feel frustrated with constantly feeling like they can't get out of patterns of negative emotions, like anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, guilt, shame and more...

Changing our thinking to be more positive, along with changing our emotions, is extremely important and effective for reaching our goals, for staying healthy, and living a happy life. There's more to the picture than meets the eye.

What most people don't realize is that...

Negative thinking and negative emotional patterns are actually hardwired into one of the most ancient parts of the brain,   Negative thinking specifically is there for a very important reason, which you'll learn about in the video that I'm sharing with you today.

If you want to eliminate your negative thinking and negative emotions, so that you can become the most confident, fulfilled, healthy and successful version of yourself, then watch this video as it will change your life:

This video was just put out by my friend and New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner.  It shares fascinating information about this primitive part of the brain that holds us back, why it's not your fault if you think negatively (like I said, it happens for a reason), and what you can do about it.

In the video, Nick will also show you how you can use a technique known as Tapping to literally rewire the neuropathways of the brain to create the life you want (it's been scientifically proven to do so).
He'll even take you through a simple yet powerful Tapping process with you that will have you instantly feeling positive, energized, and empowered to move your life in the direction you want.  Make sure to check it out here.

But know that there IS something you can do about it.  With this simple video, you'll learn how to use EFT Tapping to get past this primitive part of the brain and remove the negative thinking, limiting beliefs and chronic negative emotions that stifle our ability to grow and create the life we want.


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Plan on attending this free information and finding solutions. 

P.S. - Nick is releasing this video as part of the lead up to his 10th Annual Tapping World Summit, starting on February 26th.  This event has been attended by over 2 million people over the last 9 years.  It is a truly life-transforming event that you don't want to miss out on.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

12 Steps Revised by Abraham-Hicks

12 Steps revised

Transcribed from an Abraham-Hicks video.

When people are experiencing the hugeness of disconnection, its not an easy thing for you to teach them the principles from their place of strong disconnection.

Something more overt and in your face is necessary. It is easier to teach someone about action than it is to teach them about vibration. In an action oriented world it is easier to say "this alcohol is your problem"

 The fist 12 steps are about distancing yourself from something that hasn't been working. Once you have gotten that underneath your belt then begin the next 12 steps which are about you are the creator of your own reality. And while you've been saying in the first 12 steps that there is a power greater than you, there has never been a power who is greater than you, you just how separated yourself from that greater power. But it never left you, it never was forsaking (abandoning or denouncing) you, it was always aware of you, reaching for you, calling you toward it, you just could not hear. It was always there.

2.  You are the creator of your own experience and you were doing the best you knew how to do every step along the way. And you can’t go back and undo all of that. So now you have admitted all of that wrong doing and now you have made your peace with all of those people you have wronged. This new second step says, I did the best I could do then and now I am in a better place and it will be easier this go around.

3. I am where I am and where I am is alright because it has to be because it is the only choice I have. If where I am is not alright because I can’t get where I want to be if I am condemning where I am.

 4. I am a worthy being who is an extension of Source Energy and I came forth with powerful intention and got crosswise of it. And when I got crosswise of it I got nuts. Because who I am is such a lover and a knower of my own value and when I lost sight of that I could not abide in my own vibration this split in me was too severe and that’s the reason I turned to something that was numbing. And while I will not turn to something that is numbing again, it is satisfying to know that when someone like me who is pure positive energy and gets crosswise of who I am, that its gonna be pain beyond pain that will require nothing and I’ve never know anyone who will deny anyone some kind of solution or solving of some kind of pain.

5. I will make peace with those who did not understand how I felt, For how could they , everyone has their own emotional scale. Nobody could know what was downstream for me. Nobody could know what was a solution for me. And they all stood in such certainty that they were right that they could not possibly know. This 5Th step is my true acknowledgement that my powerful desire to forgive them. The first step demanded that I ask for their forgiveness. In the 2ND step I prepared to give them my forgiveness, It feels good letting all of that go.

6. I forgive all of them from this new point of view. I forgive them for not seeing me as I am but for not seeing themselves as they are either. I allow them to be whoever they are even if who they are being is critical of me for I accept that they cannot see me accurately from their point of view and I no longer need alcohol and drugs to numb the discord that I felt when I saw that I could not receive their approval. I am giving up my need for your approval and in giving up my need for your approval, I have set you free. But more important I have set myself free.

7. Now that I am more sure o who I am and now I am beginning to turn to the eagerness of life that is innate within me, it is my promise to myself that even if I were to do something that formerly I thought was a mistake that I am determined that I will offer no self-condemnation ever again, this may be the most important step of all. I acknowledge that the Source within me never gives up on me and the only reason I ever feel bad is because I do. So in this step I pronouncing to the world, I am absolving myself of all guilt relative to action. And if I should, and it could happen, ever take a drink again, it is my promise to myself, I am not going back through those first 12 steps. Because I am where I am and because Source continues to adore me. And is always downstream from wherever I am and I don’t have to start over every time again. I know too much, I’ve come too far.

8. Sincere appreciation for the first 12 steps because they were there for me when I most needed them. I couldn’t begin to see the 2ND set of 12 steps from where I was. They were tangible and real and they helped me, they don’t now, but they did then. They were bridges that were valuable, and I will feel eternal appreciation for their existence.

10. I am appreciating everything that ever gave me grief because from it was born clarity and desire. I am not sorry for 1 thing that I ever lived through not even sorry for what I put you through because of my dealing with the contrast, the life that I’ve created launch rockets of desire and I can feel a brighter future that would not be there if it had not been for that.

 11. I encourage no one to go through what I went through tin order to get to where I am. I acknowledge it could have been easier for me if I had been willing to pay attention for the way I feel, if I had listened to my own guidance, if I had been able to turn down stream, earlier on with out being pinned in that corner of feeling not free, I could have turned into my alignment and my allowing without the help or the aide of the drugs.

12. I adore knowing that I am the creator of my own reality and I take full credit not responsibility. I take full credit for the amazing life that I am in the process of creating. I aspire to see myself through the eyes of Source and I think all 24 steps are part of me being able to now do that. And now I would like to announce to the world. “ I am healed, I am whole, I am free”. I am love and it may be only temporary, but if I ever step from it, I know exactly what to do

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Water Blessing

Image by Ann Petersen # 440529

Water responds to our emotions and intentions. This is a beautiful quick and easy water blessing. 
  • Take a deep breath in, exhale out through the mouth with a long sigh 
  • Say or think with feeling the magic heartfelt words to the water. You can even hold your palms over the water. 
  • drink.
Water, I love you
Water, I respect you
Water I thank you
You may also try this blessing over the water that you add to your meal while cooking or at the dinner table over your food and drink.

Many times the water will taste clear and sweet in response to you commuinion (the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level)

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Water swirls over the entire greeting card with easy to follow instructions for performing, a simple but powerful, water blessing on the inside. Customize this card for your own occasion if you like. In the Inspiration catagory on Simple Spark. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

12 Steps ~ Awakening Part 3

12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous ~ Part 1
12 Steps ~ Part 2

And out of my mouth came " Dear God please help me or I will die." I wanted to live but didn't know how. Everything I tried was useless. Approaching my problem with the same information tumbling around in my mind, would never be a solution. I needed help. I was in an abusive marraige.

It is very human to do the same things over and over again and expecting different results. It is like banging your head against a door over and over. My dad had a saying, " Does that hurt? Don't do that!" But these episodes oddly enough become familiar and more comfortable than change.

After all, think of it. Who would you be if your were that safe, peaceful happy person with no more worry? This could be a very scary thought. Who would I be then? Lions and and tigers and bears....oh my! And I repeated my mistakes over and over again even though it was progressively more painful. I just kept getting up and dusting myself off and trying again.

The time came when the dust no longer brushed off. Stress took it's toll on my body and mind. My head was being bashed against walls and car windows as I tried to escape. My safety was threatened on a daily basis, but now, it was worse.  I had lost control of my nervous system and when my husband approached me I would go into convulsions from fear. The light of life within me grew dim.

One day I thought I would again try to make everything clean and perfect. Mowed the lawn, cleaned the house and had something special for the husband to eat before he went out to party. I looked really nice too. I wore my favorite light green shirt and black stretch pants. I had everything finished and decided to take a walk. My walk extended farther than usual and I found myself inside the expanse of the high school field. My eyes lifted and gazed at the blue sky and white clouds. Then, all of a sudden, as if someone pushed me from behind, I felt compelled to uttered the words, "Dear God, please help me or I will die". It surprised me and I looked around to see if anyone was there. This was the pivotal moment when I asked for help.

That moment on I felt strength not ordinarily my own. 20 years I had been living in fear and in the pain of abusive attacks. That night I saw clearer than I ever did concerning my situation.
As I stood in the kitchen that night, there was an amber light shining on me from the north facing window and again I was fortified with clarity. That night, during a usually scolding, I saw that I would never change my husband, only myself. it was such a relief and this truth gave me protection from being harmed.

That night I gathered my things and left that marriage forever. I stayed in a Best Western and I just seemed to know it was going to be all right. Every thing I needed for my comfort came along,  a home, friends, and even guidance from counselors.

My husband sought help from AA via a hospital and I was invited as a family member to attend. I agreed because in my mind I wanted to get my husband well. I had no idea I had was part of the problem.  I even attended AA meetings to learn more. Later I attended a few Alanon & Codependents Anonymous meetings and bought and read the book by Melody Beattie Codependent No More. I also bought her book The Language of Letting Go. I carried that book with me and it taught all about how to handle my emotions. The corners of the pages turned dog eared after a while.

A miracle is a change in perception. ~ A Course In Miracles

Looking back I feel moved to draw pictures, write poetry and marvel at the miracle of how it all came about that morning and how I was ready to ask for help. Help arrived and I have since left the 12 step rooms. I have become a mentor and teacher for people who also need help.

That was 26 years ago. If you would like to read 12 Steps Part 1&2 here are the links:

12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous ~ Part 1
12 Steps ~ Part 2

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Some of my art depicts the freedom of empowerment. Here are some of my images on greeting cards.

12 Steps ~ AA Part 2

 12 Steps~Part 1 
12 Steps`Part 3 

Entering into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous or any 12 Step program:
 The experience is like walking into a different realm. From the chaos of dealing with drinking and drugging to a well organized program. It makes you stand up and take notice. There is a Secretary, a treasurer, a coffee maker, principles, steps and sharing, even a Big Blue Book to have for reference and study. A peer group materializes before our eyes. Once we were alone and now we are among others 100, 1.000, or more who understand and support us.
 It is the beginning of great transformation There are endless possibilities. It is all up to each individual to choose which path to take. While attending meetings, participants are asked to identify as an alcoholic before they share.

My Name is __________ and I am an alcoholic.

 Some Scenarios that may occur in the 12 Step Program:
  • Some people may slip into their original pattern for many reasons but the reason may be because it feels better, more familiar and provides relief. Change can be frightening and stressful.
  • Others remain in the 12 Step Programs because they continue to receive the benefits and support they desire or benefit greatly from helping others. 
  • Some people believe they will always, in All Ways, forever be an Alcoholic and attend because they are afraid if they do not go they will go back to drinking.  
  • Some people have a calling to explore the spiritual aspects of their being  More about that in 12 Steps the Awakening Part 3. 

Some Benefits of 12 Step programs: these are not in a particular order. And there are  many more benefits I have only mentioned a few.

  • It does feel wonderful to have support through the members and sponsors
  • It feels wonderful to be a part of a group and witness first hand people who have overcome or managed their challenges.
  • What is shared in the room stays in the room usually
  • Gradually awareness emerges in different stages. The fog of denial is lifted as per individual perception and beliefs.
  • It is wonderful to have some structure and a solution
  • How wonderful to learn responsibility, to be of service
  • Feeling the love of giving by placing $1 in the donation basket ( optional)
  • Aspire towards helping others by attraction not promotion ( being the change we would like to have for others)
  • Feeling relief to have our mind diverted and to practice new ways of being and doing.
For the first time I felt peace.

It was a Sunday meeting at a Gazebo outside a hospital, which had someone read the St Francis prayer and after the reading the room would go silent for 5 minutes. This 5 minutes of silence seemed impossible to get through at first. 

Regularly attending this meeting helped me overcome the fear of being still. I grew to love the St. Frances prayer and the peace of mind that 5 minutes of silence had given me. I learned the prayer by heart and was often asked to recite it from memory. In a room full of people who suffered from confusion,inclucing me, this was a miracle. 

After many such meetings at the Gazebo, I had an opportunity to attend a 12 Step meditation on Sunset Beach far away from my home group. This turned out to be a very enriching experience which allowed me to sit quietly for 20 minutes. I actually experienced a dropping down feeling which almost sent me onto the floor. I found out later while sharing my experience with meditating during the meeting, that this was my body relaxing or letting go of yet another layer of stress or sinking deeper into relaxation. 

I eventually found a meditation class near my home at the Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, California. 

Join me in Part 3 of this series and read about the experience that eventually lead me to AA.
If you would like to read part 1 here is the link:
12 Steps Part 1

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The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous Part 1

12 Steps ~ Part 2
12 Steps Part 3

My very first formal steps  out of my chaotic life were the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Going back 21 years, at age 39, I took my first steps to freedom. I found my way to the meeting through a hospital program in which my former husband was attending. It was part of a hospital chemical dependency program commitment. I attended the CDC Program to support my alcoholic husband. He had promised to get help after I left the home after a spiritual realization I had one day. See 12 Steps the Awakening 
part 3.

The 12 Steps are worded in a language from the 1930's  The more you read the Big Book and practice its teachings in your life, the more you come to understand it. If you want to learn about the man who began this organization of Alcoholics Anonymous, you can read about him and how he came to know Dr. Bob, here it is a very good history read. You can look at the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous here. Or log onto this link

Here is The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

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12 Steps ~ Part 2
12 Steps Part 3