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Home Computer: Sitting All Day?

SITTING ALL DAY ? If you are on the computer a lot, sitting can really do a number on your body. It is easy for time to sweep by and realize you've been sitting for 3 hours or more.

There are a few things you can do to improve your circulation, strengthen your muscles, lubricate your joints and align your skeletal structure while you are on the computer.
  1. Set a timer and take breaks every hour and walking around or do a task around the home, go outdoors and stretch, Breathe in some fresh air. This is a great solution.
  2. Part of the day, prop your computer up at a comfortable level so you can work without stooping.. . You can see I used my laundry basket on my stove. Maybe you have a shelf or bookcase you can use that is the right height. You can also use a carboard box. Get creative.
  3. Get a Ball Chair

Tips for standing at the computer:
  • At the computer I stand with feet shoulder width apart. My pelvis is relaxed and tucked forward so as not to sway the lower back. Ever so often I shift my weight to the right leg and then to the left leg then center my weight between my feet. This strengthens your legs, circulates the blood and keeps the energy flowing.
  • While you are experiencing down time or waiting for downloading, uploading, listening to videos, you can do some other tasks around the home. It is easier to move right into a task if your standing already.
  • To ease your back prop one foot on a stool or box. change from one foot to the other.

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The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, developed under the consultation of chiropractic pioneer Dr. Randy Weinzoff, greatly alleviates the aching back/legs/arms syndrome that comes from sitting at a desk for hours. Also helps to relieve pain and promote proper spinal alignment, posture, a healthier back, and overall well-being.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Probiotics Prebiotics Naturally

Probiotics naturally.
Yes, you can get your probiotics and your prebiotics naturally.

Probiotics are the healthy flora that facilitate digestion and protect the gut against harmful microbes.

A single gram of earth, the size of a small coin, contains over 40 billion probiotic bacteria. Upgrading your intake of probiotics spend more time outdoors.

How to Get Your Probiotics Naturally
  • interacting in our natural environment
  • breathing in dust that rises from the soil as we garden
  • petting our dog or cat
  • holding another person's hand
  • swimming in a lake, river or stream 
  • handling organic vegetables befor you rinsing off the soil
  • fermented food like pickles, saurkraut, miso and kimchi
If you think you are not getting enough of that then you can take probiotic supplements. 

Prebiotics promote the growth of good flora in your gut.  You can get your prebiotics from cruciferous vegetables. wich contain fiber that good flora feed on, a good foundation for beneficial flora.

Cruciferous vegetables are among the healthiest of the superfoods. Some cruciferous vegetables include cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower but there are more.

There it is as simple as that.

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Shake a hand, play in the dirt, eat your vegees and be well.

Love and Light to you,
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I got all of this information in this book.
One Sprit Medicine I have it on my Kindle but it also comes in Hardback and Paperback. I lost weight and gained more energy following his Spirit Medicine. This book has a look inside feature if you want a sample. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fear Not the Storm

This looks like me in the snow storm this morning. 


 The howling winds and snow pinged and tugged on my rain jacket. I was out feeding our llamas. When I see the storms from inside my warm protectect home, I feel a sort of dread before I go out. Once I have the snow pants on and my coat and gloves I feel better and when I step outdoors, I find it is not so bad as I first thought. I also become aware of my posture, my facial expression and how I move through the task or situation. am I trudging through the snow with my head hung low, am I frowning and I thinking thoughts of victimhood or drudgery? These can have a great effect on the outcome of your experience. 

Storms of life lurk everywhere in our earth experience. As I face these storms of life, I am reminded of how important it is that I respond with a sense of adventure and not fear. Not to whine about what I dislike or grieve over what could have been but enjoy what is here before me. 

After I fed the llamas and cleaned their corral, I unraveling the tarps and tie downs on the hay. I just couldn't see inside the hay stack to attach the tie downs so I knelt down in the wet slush. I still could not see for my hood was flapping over my face and my long hair was whipping over my eyes. 

 I groped for my coat zipper with my wet glove and  pulled down on the zipper tab of my coat. My head and face was instantly free to blow in the storm winds. Exhilarated I laughed…After securing the tie down on the hay, I turned my gaze skyward which  naturally formed a squint and a smile. It was then I saw the dark clouds part to reveal a pale blue winter sky. What a great feeling I got. A feeling of empowerment and strength. 

Can you see the metaphor in that?

I felt so thankful to be alive on this earth. To be on this earth at this time and know how to navigate through these challenges is a great blessing. There is a blessing calling us to our Center in every moment of every day. 

  • be mindful, kind and loving
  •  adventurous
  •  aware 
  • responsible for your vibration ( emotions, thoughts, and attitude) 

Fear not the storm and live life with an attitude that can help you weather the challenges life may bring us. Look for the beauty, the love and all there is to appreciate in each moment. Take care of yourself when you need to. You will see the metaphors for a good life forming right before your eyes. You can apply this to all situations and relationships. 

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BE WELL* Walk Your True Path
With Love Deborah Moon Moen

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Promise of Sedona- Chapter 2 Get Into The Vortex

For Chapter 1 please click this  The Promise of Sedona Chapter 1

I have found the Vortex . It is a place :

  • where time dissolves 
  • endless mind chatter quiets
  •  feeling uplifted and joyful as well as calm and peace
  •  It is a place which sparks creativity, discovery and feeling at one with nature and people. 
  • intuitive clarity and epiphanies may be occuring

The Vortex is unconditional love. The Vortex is within you. If you visit Sedona and you feel any of these wonderful responses to your experiences there then, my friend,  you have been in the Vortex.

                                                   Another Memory of  Sedona
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Note:  I wrote about my mysterious and enjoyable experience in Sedona in Chaper 1

 I discovered a lot of information from listening to an audio tape I had recorded in 1995 when I made another trip to Sedona with my daughter.   Though I was not conscious of it then, the experience echoed Sedona's promise to plant seeds, that flourish and grow, in just the right conditions. Here is that story.

 I decided to rummage through the shed to retrieve the audio tape cassettes that I had recorded on my trip to Sedona with my daughter, 16 years ago. I had done a lot of reading, study, and research on Sedona, Vortexes,  geology and all the hundreds of ideas and perceptions about Sedona's spiritual power spots. I gathered the facts and placed them on file to simmer.

The next day, the weather had settled down. The sun was out. The gale force winds were down to a gentle breeze, the clouds white and full. It was a beautiful spring day. I put on my Walkman and earphones, gathered up a bucket filled with essential weed plucking tools, and went off to my elderly neighbors lawn to pick weeds. I knelt down on my knee pad, clicked on my Walkman and began listening to the sounds of my daughter's sweet voice and I, laughing and giggling n Sedona. The sound of my daughter's voice on the tape was so delightful as I had not heard her voice for many years. She is now, I suppose, looking for her own Vortex.

Note: Since writing this so much has happened and my daughter and now I communicated  over the phone and it is always a delight for me. 

 Church of The Holy Cross in Sedona

A year later Rebecca, my daughter and I took off for Sedona. I took a plane from California to Arizona and rented a nice red suv for our trip. We had a ball !  

It was a straight shot to Sedona from Phoenix. From I-17 we took Hwy 179. the scenery quickly turned from city buildings to wide open country We had just drove into Sedona and decided to visit the Holy Cross Church.  I was instantly transported to a place and time just by hearing the the beautiful Gregorian Chants inside the church again.  

Please listen to the Gregorian Chants in the video below. while yu read about the Holy Cross church

These are the Gregorian Chants I was hearing In The Holy Cross Church.

Church of The Holy Cross as you enter Sedona from Verde Valley

 Right there on the front lawn, I was moved to sit upright on my knees and place my palms together in front of my heart.  The chants brought visions of the candle I lit at the alter for my Mother. I remember the glow of flickering candles as I placed mine down. The glow of the flames in the unlit room and the chants were beautiful just like my Mother. It felt very comforting to acknowledge her in a sacred way. I became conscious of a feeling of appreciation for the time spent with my daughter and appreciation for my mother. I felt my heart and my mind expanding.

 Still weeding my neighbors lawn and listening to the Sedona tape... I heard, on the tape, a car door slam and gravel crunching under footsteps. We were walking
 into the ranger station where I heard myself asking for a map of the Vortex locations.  I couldn't help but wonder about how I came to know about these energy centers.
Medicine Wheel  Boynton Canyon
I thought back to my first time in Sedona. I pictured the circle of entwining hands with the Sierra Club members around the beautiful large Medicine Wheel made of rocks stuffed with notes in Boynton Canyon. I remembered it was someone in our group mentioned Vortexes. The mystery of it stuck with me. I was attracted body, mind and spirit to the presence of these circles of stacked rocks and the messages they held.

 I heard myself ask the ranger, "How do we distinguish the Vortex?" The ranger pointed at the 4 well known sites on a map. One was Boynton Canyon.  Another was Cathedral Rock. There were other sites at Bell Rock and Airport Road. I pointed to the map near the trail head of Boynton Canyon and asked "How far up is the Vortex?" The Ranger answered "It's all around." Huh? I thought to myself, what does she mean ? Then she added "Wherever it is good for you". I took the map and thanked her.  I was even more confused..

So Where Is This Vortex?

 I had the map and was told the 4 locations but I had no idea where to find the exact Vortex location and what to do when I got there. How did they arrive at these 4 locations anyway?

"In the late 70's a psychic by the name of Page Bryant channeled a being named Albion who told Page there were seven energy centers here in Sedona. She wrote a book on four of those places - Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa". http://www.innerjourneys.us/sedona_information/sedona_vortex_information.php

There are pictures of twisted junipers in Sedona that are said to be formed by the swirling subtle energy of the Vortex areas.
 I just found this  picture of a twisted juniper on the rim of the Grand Canyon so I gather this is not exclusive to Sedona. This gives me thought of finding more Vortex areas.

Geomagnetic Forces
Note: While researching these Vortex areas in Sedona, I found there is a rich magnetic force that extends way beyond Sedona to Scottsdale. I always thought the magnetic fields of Sedona was exclusive to Sedona alone. Below the chart shows the rich magnetic force in and around Sedona and beyond the boundaries of Sedona. 

Further evidence that Sedona and the surrounding area ranks high in magnetic anomalies can be seen in this chart which is a product of the USGS North American Magnetic Anomaly website. Geomagnetic intensity is indicated by the vertical bar graph. Sedona is off the scale being whitish pink in coloration. I have measured magnetic activity in excess of 650nT in Sedona. 

Even back in 1995 on my Sedona Camping excursion, I had an idea about magnetic forces in Sedona. I had read that Sedona and France had high magnetic force fields.  If you would like to read more, the above map comes from http://sedonanomalies.com/  you will find a vast amount of information that relates to natural Geomagnetism and how it effects Human brainwave activity in certain places like Sedona, Arizona on this site.

Medicine Wheels
 On the audio tape of Sedona I referred to the Vortexes as energy centers. I associated these energy centers with medicine wheels.
  I listened to Rebecca and I arriving at the spot where the great medicine wheel was displayed 16 years ago with the Sierra Club. My eyes scanned the empty space. I felt curious as to why this great circle of stones had been disassembled and removed. Although there may be many reasons, perhaps the article below from http://www.travelandletsure.com/  explains one of the reasons why the medicine wheels were dismantled just in case you go looking for them after reading this.

NOTE: from travel and leisure.com in an article titled Seduction by Sedona

"The U.S. Forest Service, however, is doing its best to make sure you never see a medicine wheel. To the people who maintain the wilderness areas, medicine wheels and other New Age cairns are vandalism, plain and simple. The fragile ecosystem isn't exactly enhanced by all the offerings left behind in medicine wheels -- feathers, beads, fetishes, crystals, medicine bags of herbs, even ashes and money.

Red Rock Country
From September 1999 By Libby Morse

Medicine wheels aren't just environmentally incorrect; they are anthropologically off-base as well. While much of Red Rock country is considered sacred by the Yavapai-Apache and Hopi, there's no evidence that any of the tribes who have inhabited the area ever used the wheels to express their spirituality -- it's a practice associated with the Great Plains Indians.

Luckily, the Forest Service may be seeing results. In 1997, 193 medicine wheels were discovered and disassembled; in 1998, the number was just 73."

 What Is A Vortex ?

 There are physical vortexes that we can see and feel and touch immediately. They come in the form of swirling winds like a tornado, swirling forces of water like hurricanes or water swirling down a the bath tub drain pipe when you pull the plug. There are swirling subtle energies that are magnetic, electromagnetic vortexes (like the ones in Sedona). these subtle energies are invisible and imperceptible to the conventional or busy mind. These kinds of subtle energies can plant subconscious seeds that grow into epiphanies and discoveries later on.  

The Promise of Sedona Is Clear

Like a tiny acorn has the blue print to grow into an oak tree, Sedona promises to nurture the seeds of extraordinary knowledge that are already planted within every cell of your being. Dazzling epiphanies and discoveries may sprout when they find the right conditions to manifest.  Sedona expands our heart and spirit with her beauty. She is food for the soul. It is said Sedona is the heart chakra of the planet. She has many places to enjoy and wander about in. Enhance your trip to Sedona's Vortexes through practicing meditation to relax and calm the mind, practice kindness, happiness and joy, deliberately announce your appreciation out loud, get in touch with compassion, practice self-love and honor your own path. Most of all let go and have fun. Enjoy. There are endless possibilities for your experience in Sedona.

Related information:

For Chapter 1 please click this  The Promise of Sedona Chapter 1

Absolutely the best article on the history of Sedona.

Colorado Plateau Geology
 This site will explain very nicely some information on how the red color develops in the rocks.  It does not mention Sedona.  

Sedona geology

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The Promise of Sedona - You Deserve the Best Chapter 1

Me sitting high above Boynton Canyon
 in a cliff dwelling. 1993
Sedona's beauty and lore draws many kinds of people to her. Thinking back on my encounters with Sedona, I recall hiking, exploration, camping, shopping and even dined on Rattlesnake Brochette at the Cowboy Club which also serves Buffalo Brochette and Fried Cactus. The most intriguing thing I found in Sedona was the promise of mystery.

The Sierra Club, Solo

The mystique of Sedona came into my awareness during my first visit to in 1993. At that time, my man friend was a geologist, and when we parted, I felt I would never have anyone to hike with again. But an opportunity to go to Sedona with the Sierra Club magically appeared and I signed up for the trip all by myself. I was rather nervous about not knowing anyone. I drove on the freeway to the bus bound for Sedona in Long Beach with sweaty palms and a shortness of breath. Once I got on the bus, I found my experience to be one of the most fun experiences in my life. Everyone was so nice and it was wonderful to be with like minds.

A Medicine Wheel in Boynton Canyon, Sedona  1993

Me by a Medicine Wheel Sedona 1993
We hiked and explored the Boynton Trail where we came upon a circle of rocks cairns upon each with notes weighted between the rocks. We guessed the notes were prayers or prayer requests. I was drawn to the mysterious circle and had my picture taken there.

On the way back from our hike we came across a sandy enclosure bordered by trees. someone in the group mentioned it to be a Vortex. I had no idea what that was but I knew it was a spiritual or sacred energy of some sort or a place where sacred things could occur. It occurred to me we could all stand in a circle, clasp hands and have a moment of silence. I spoke out loud to the group and asked them if they would like to clasp hands. They all agreed it would be a nice gesture. So we did and it was lovely. The next day we hiked the beautiful Sterling Pass Trail and continued to the Vultee Arch.

Louis Hay and Sedona

In 1995, Louis Hay was speaking in Phoenix, Arizona.  I asked a girlfriend to join me. We also included a trip to Sedona because Sally (not her real name) was seeking a woo woo sacred experience like the experiences she has had in the past. I agreed to count Sedona in and the trip was on. Louis Hay was wonderful. There were many speakers there and one spoke about Feng Shui. Which was a synchronicity for me as I was just beginning to learn Feng Shui.

 On the way to Sedona we stopped at an art show just outside the city limits. We had just gotten out of the car and passed a few booths when we were met by a very friendly man dressed in western clothes. He introduced himself as Carlos Haydaway, the Western Artist Carlos Hadaway (The Arizona Kid) of Fountain Hills, Arizona. I had never heard of him but he took my arm and lead me to his booth. He proceeded to tell me about his life, looking into only my eyes. It was a beautiful story about how he lost his use of his eyes and regained his eyesight. He told me of his new wife and how they loved each other.

By this time my friend was fuming because he did not included her in this conversation This conversation was a sacred one. The kind of sacred she was seeking. I felt I was receiving an important message and it was coming around the bend. He looks into my eyes and told me "You be picky !" He was referring to any future love interests. "You deserve the best" he continued but then repeated 'You be picky!" This was a very important message and affirmation for me. I am sure it would be common sense to most but for me it was a great affirmation and acknowledgement of my self worth. Before I left , we had been there for an hour or so, he told me to pick out any of his art prints for myself to remind me that I deserve the best.

My friend stood beside me with her mouth open, hands on her hips. I was convinced this man was indeed an angel and that our meeting was meant to be. I chose a painting of an old miner leading his mule through a dust storm. The mule packed all kinds of pans, picks and other provisions. To this day the picture reminds me that I have everything I need to handle any situation.

Carlos gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek and sent me on my way. I was quiet as my friend slammed the door of the car. She was furious with what had happened. She was not in the least, glad for the mystery of Carlos Haydaway and his sacred message to me. I endured the camping trip with Sally and realized I might want to attract better companions. After all, I now knew I deserve the best.

You can see Carlos Haydaway's art here http://www.thearizonakid.com/gallery.html  and his biography here http://www.thearizonakid.com/bio.html

Sedona With My Daughter

The Chandler Country Station 108 was blaring over the radio as my 24 year old daughter and I left from Phoenix for a 4 day stay in Sedona. Along the 17 Highway we spotted hot air balloons drifting over the land before us. We laughed and sang and enjoyed the scenery of Verde Valley. We marvelled at Montezuma's Castle and the rich red rocks as we entered into Sedona. we stopped at the Holy Cross Church where we lit candles for my mother then we set off to find our room. We planned a hike to Boynton Canyon. I was excited to show Rebecca, the sacred circles of rocks, medicine wheels, and the lovely spots I explored with the Sierra Club. Rebecca sank onto a rock to rest looking bored and tired. We decided to go to Red Rock Crossing under the majestic Cathedral Rock. We strolled along the river and as we got further and further up the river Rebecca began skipping in the water and playing happily with rocks and sticks. This was a complete transformation from the lethargic lump I saw just minutes before. I still have the sight of her smiling and laughing in my heart.

I will stop here and reflect on these experiences. I truly feel I was blessed in each Sedona adventure. they happened at a time I was just beginning to find myself. I was new to meditation and quieting my mind. But years later, in this recent reflection of my visits to Sedona, I see that she has blessed me and continues to bless me.  I am now living in Utah on the Colorado Plateau. Sedona has planted her seeds in me.  After writing this post I have realized it is still flowering because it has renewed my spirit and given me a different perspective.

My Story of Sedona continues...

The Promise of Sedona Part 2 - Get Into The Vortex is posted click here
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Transformative Shifting Exercise With Video

Directions in writing. Videos Demonstrating Transformative Shifting Exercise below.

Art by DeborahMoonMoen © Cosmic Connection
In 30-90 days you will notice a profound acceleration.
Do this for fun. It is not work. Perform 1 meditation a day. In each daily meditation
follow the path as prescribed below 4 times with intent on

               1st round - Desire, 2nd round - Definition, 3rd round - Dedication, 4th round - Detachment

Everyday for 30 - 90 Days begin each meditation say out loud 4 times

 "I Desire to Define my Dedication to Detachment"

  • Begin gazing at the diagram on the right ( 19 circles with a sort of jagged spiral)
  • Until you see a 3 dimensional cube emerge.

Before you begin the 1st round, say out loud

 "I DESIRE to explore more of who I am"

 1. Begin at the top line to the center while keeping conscious of the cube.

 2. Stay focused in the center
but stay until you feel like you've been there for long enough.

 3. Return to the top following the line noticing the lines either seem to go towards you
 or away from you.  

 4.Record any impressions in your journal.

Next say " I now focus on the concept of my DEFINITIONS, beliefs, intent, insight and blue prints.

1. Follow the line to the center.

2. Stay there and receive even a flicker, a wave or hint of info or stay until
    you feel you have been there long enough.

3.  Follow the line back up and add any information to the concept of DEFINITIONS.
     to your journal.

Before you begin the 2nd round say  "I DEDICATE myself to go back down the spiral to be given more information
  to clarify the vision, make it more precise, make it easier to understand, get another tidbit,
another component, get put in touch with another feeling, hear a sound, smell a smell,
feel a touch, hear some music; to see what I get."

1. Follow the line to the center.

2. Stay there and receive even a flicker, a wave or hint of info or stay until
    you feel you have been there long enough.

3.  Follow the line back up and add any information to the concept of DEDICATION.
     to your journal.

Come back out and take it with you the 4th time.

Last round.
Step 1: Say out loud: " I now focus with the intention to detach from that which does not serve"
Step 2: Go down the spiral.
Step 3: See what you get and come back up.

Now you go to the ENNEAGRAMMATIC CIRCUIT  (on the left with 9 circles) and
read the sentence at the bottom out loud once while following the pictures.
I'll explain.
The Center is (1)
Top Right is (2)
Right (3)
Bottom Right (4)
etc...until you're back in the center.

"From the inner being (1), through sight (2), sound (3), touch and feeling (4) are manifested (5;water)
the path (6), windows (7) and doors (8) to the unknown(9),
  which always leads back to the inner being(1)"

Now you can put all that away for today.

What you do next is journal for the next 24 hours and pay attention to any increased
synchronicity & write them down. Also, note your dreams with anything significant information.

Within 30-90 days you will see an expanded increase in synchronicity and more information,
awareness & inspiration coming to you about your core beliefs and ways and
techniques that will allow you the best possible way and the most powerful way to
 transform them and transform your reality into that which is more aligned with what you
 prefer to be.

Another note from them: "Feel yourself expanding and the synchronicity in your life increasing,
magnifying,  amplifying, and your dreams magnifying, amplifying, communicating,
inspiring you and simultaneously acting on your highest joy in every moment that you can
 and keeping your body clear. Together you'll notice profound accelleration so take your
time if it's too much. It's for you to use"

Exercise 1 Video

Exercise  2 Video


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Deborah Moon Moen
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Like Walking Through The Brick Wall

Breaking Free of your habits. Art by Deborah MOON Moen
Breaking Free Greeting Card

My personal story by Deborah Moon Moen

 There came a time in my 40's that I came to learn how to stand on my own two feet. Suddenly I realized that no one was going to do it for me. 
I knew I was responsible for everything that I was experiencing.
I came to realize the only person that I could change was myself.
No more did I depend on others to make me happy or secure. 

I learned new ways of living and each new response to life was difficult because the old ways had become a habit.
Every time I changed an old pattern of belief or thought, it was like I was having to walk through a brick wall.
Waking up in the morning and getting through my day seemed as hopeless as walking through a brick wall.
But these were only my fearful perceptions.
In time, with practice, I was running free with so much of life before me.

Suddenly, I could not see that brick wall which I had painted in my mind. I saw only endless possibilities. I could see that for every response I made, life responded back to me, in magical ways. 

When my actions and responses supported my well-being,
it was well-being that reflected back to me.
That was the evidence that gave me faith and shifted me into my inherit power to create my own experiences. 

I was empowered beyond my wildest or conscious imaginings and I knew
that I would never go back behind that brick wall again.

Note: Note the red, gold balck and silver hair strands. This stands for different ideas. I was inspired by reading La Loba by Clarissa Pinkola Estes from Women Who Run with The Wolves. 

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Wheee ! Break Free !

Love Deborah MOON Moen
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Breaking Free Greeting Card has a powerful message written inside. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting For President And A Higher Order

Be the change you want to see in the world. My voting sticker.


Yes, this is my voting sticker which I placed in my journal to remind me that I played this game the best I could with what I had to work with. This morning I added my vision for the world with paint and text. Even though I can not figure out how to make the world a better place for good, I know that peace begins with me, that love, truth, justice and goodness come from an open heart and fastens to the Highest Order of all there is. That is where the solution can take root. 

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Hang in there everyone and take the time to open your heart. Take good care of you,

~With Love Deborah Moon Moen

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How To Make a Human Rainbow

Love Rainbow Red, orange, yellow, green
blue, purple, violet sparkles
Here is how to open the flood gates of Love that exists at all times, all situations and things. Whether you are attuned to Reiki or not you will benefit from this exercise. 

Benefits are endless but here are a few:

  • Reconciliation with family
  • Re-connection with old friends
  • Increase in financial abundance
  • More opportunities open
  • Epiphanies and synchronity
  • Feeling and looking younger
  • Feeling stronger more energized. 
  • Love eternally flowing through your words, thoughts, eyes and ears. 
  • Wellness and well-being
  • Boost immune function
  • Balance your emotional centers/chakras


The reason we do not feel this Love is because we are either stressed out, resentful, busy in our head or pissed off at someone or something or afraid of what the future may bring. All of this blocks the Love that is forever flowing and growing in and around ALL OF US.

How To Reconnect to Love

Miracle , epiphanies and those ah ha moments are happening everyday. I have discovered with all my body, mind, and emotions that LOVE is indeed flowing at all times through me and around me and YOU too. Love is available always and eternally for us to utilize, benefit from, and enjoy. Universal Love, God's Love, flows through all situations and all things. It is a Universal Truth. This practice has changed the way I perceive life. 
Follow this simple meditation with light gentle touch.  Savor each part. Release all your worries and allow the depth of this love within you to emerge. By placing the hands lightly you will awaken nerves, tissue, muscle and increase blood flow. you will connect mind and body. In time you will feel deep layers of sensation and relaxation. It will balance your energy centers, give you intuitive clarity and boost your immune function.

During this practice your mind may drift to visions and memories and ideas. Once you are aware you drifted off just return back to your practice. Keep practicing daily. In time you will feel the benefits.

Make a Human Rainbow 

I practice my Reiki before I hop out of bed every morning. I prepare by connecting to the highest realm of Love and Light by gently touching the crown or top of my head until I sense that heavenly place that I think of or sense God, heaven and angels. (See the heart above the head in my painting to the right). Stay there and feel the sensation of this higher realm. It is uplifting.

I lightly touch my forehead or third eye and silently ask to see the Love that exists in all things. Keep sensing this area.

I place my hands over my ears and ask to hear the Love that is forever flowing to me and within me at all times. Think about what love sounds like. Perhaps the wind, the birds, affirmations, acknowledgment etc. Sense the feeling of the connection, the heat, or heartbeat within your ears. 

I cup my hands over my eyes blocking out any light ( not touching my eyes but the bones around my eyes and forehead.)  and ask to see with clarity the seen and unseen, to see the words on the page with clarity and crispness, to see the birds flying in the clouds to see auras and energy. Feel the heat generated by my cupped hands over my eyes. I open my eyes under my cupped hands and ask for my eye lenses to relax. I see black when my eyes are completely relaxed. 

I cup my hands gently over my throat and ask to communicate with this ever flowing river of Love to speak, write and sing with Love and kindness. I support my arms and relax my shoulders to ease these positions. 

I place my hands over my heart and ask to believe in the Love that lives and pulsates at all times. Because I have experienced this eternal love I say, I do.

If you feel any stress in these areas ask your guides or angels to help release them. 

I place my hands over my solar plexus and ask to stomach, or to feel worthy and receive with grace, the Love which is flowing at all times to me and within me. Really feel the sensations in the solar plexus. Ask Archangel Michael to sever the emotional cords with anyone that keeps you from forgiveness or enjoying your life and well-being. 

I place my hands on my lower belly and ask to create with the Love that is forever flowing through me.

I place my hands on the groin area and thigh and ask that I utilize all of Earth, all this physical plane with confidence, feeling supported, feeling  joy and appreciation and a spirit of playfulness.

I connect to the heart in the center of the earth which beats to the rhythm of my own heart. I create a glowing rainbow by bringing the warm red energy of this earth heart up through my feet, into my legs feeling grounded and supported.

I draw the energy up into my hips and navel until it burst brightly with orange. Say silently, I create with LOVE. I see the red and orange glowing together.

I let this energy rise into my solar plexus and it glows brilliant yellow. I say silently, I am worthy of this LOVE and I receive graciously. I see the red, orange and yellow glowing brightly from my body.

I draw this love into my heart. I say I believe in the Eternal flow of love and visualize my heart center glowing bright emerald green. I add this green to the rainbow I am creating. 

The energy flows up into my throat and emanates a crystal blue light. I imagine my communication  to be within the realm of this Loving energy.

I feel the energy of this LOVE flow up into my third eye (forehead) and the energy radiates a divine purple. I see all the Love that flows eternally through all situations and things.I visualize all the colors of the rainbow radiating from my body and mind.

The flow of LOVE brilliantly rises up through my crown radiating violet and divine light and sparkles. I am connected to the Realm of Love and Light.

I am now a radiant rainbow of balanced energy, Love and Light.

I finish this practice with a long stretch reaching out through my fingers and toes. This opens my radiant circuits. 

It took me 4 weeks of daily Reiki practice to learn this and be able to visualize the rainbow of energy beaming outward from these areas. This rainbow of balanced energy attracts beautiful experiences to me and it will for you too.

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Practice daily, you will reap the benefits and so will the world.

I have made a special card with my painting which includes this meditation inside.